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Our Vineyard Sources

Note from the winemaker:
We have all heard it before, it all starts in the vineyard. I’ve been blessed to have lived a humble childhood life and raised surrounded by vineyards I lived it firsthand. My passion grew within the vineyards and my experience and foundation for the wine industry started in the vineyards….. What does all this mean? It means I know vineyards, I speak the language and know what it takes to produce and grow great grapes that ultimately lead to great wine. Understanding ever essence of Terroir from aspect, weather, soil composition, topography and ultimately how the vine produces unique flavors and wines of distinction. This is real vineyard language that can only be understood with intuition and love for the craft. The regions I source grapes from flagship unique character and flavors that produce a style; the style of wine I dreamed…. Let the celebration begin… Musica Vida Vino…

Red Mountain (Shaw Vineyards- Obelisco Vineyards)

Washington’s crowned jewel Red Mountain AVA delivers flavors and a tannin profile that tantalize the palate. The structure and powerful flavors of these grapes are sought out by some of the most distinguished of wineries. This AVA is nestled in the eastern corner of the Yakima Valley AVA. The unique soil composition, aspect, elevation  and growing degree days helped gain this beautiful area its AVA status. This region delivers super reds; Cabernet Sauvignon is king on the Mountain. We source our Palencia Cabernet from this region.

Wahluke Slope (Rosebud Vineyards)

The Wahluke slope is producing some of the most consistent and fruit forward wines in Washington. Considered the heartland for fleshy fruit reds and rich flavored full bodied Merlot and Syrah. The Long hot growing days deliver unrivaled ripeness and richness on the palate. This scenic and fairly young AVA is lined with the Columbia River on its western & southern point, this unique regional trait allows for a breeze and slightly cooling effect to occur allowing for the natural preservation of acidity in the grapes to hold on. We source our Monarcha Merlot, Sangiovese & Malbec from this region.

Ancient Lakes of Columbia Valley (Evergreen- Tijuana Vineyards & Spanish Castle Vineyard)

This is Washington’s 13th AVA and  its crisp, rich mineral profile has capture the attention of even the most discriminating of palates. The wines from this region carry acidity with a solid backbone of minerality. What exactly does this taste like? Minerality takes any flavor of a given variety and puts an almost 2nd dimension into it by giving a metallic zing or even a refreshing thirst quenching profile. The rich caliche soils are the trade mark for this region and the cooler crisp nights help maintain the solid acidity delivering crisp aromatic wines. Our Albarino & Pinot Noir Rose is sourced from this region.

Yakima Valley (Canyon Ranch Vineyards & Minick Vineyards)

The Yakima Valley is centered in the heartland of Washington wine.  Some of the founding vineyards for Varieties like Washington Syrah are found in the Yakima Valley AVA. With a tempered climate and combination of hot growing days and cool nights this beautiful AVA  allows for greater hang-time on the vine and showcases vibrant fruit flavors and balance in its wines. Our GSM and Rhone Varieties are sourced from this AVA .

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