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My passion for wine runs deep, sharing my wines is a dream come true, but sharing my passion and love for the craft takes it to another level.. I proudly produce wine for these great Washington wineries allowing me to extend my love for the craft even further… be sure to share and enjoy…Muscia-Vida-Vino

J&S Crushing LLC

Mattawa WA

Victor Palencia
Director of Winemaking & Operations

J&S Crushing is Washington’s 3rd largest premium wine facility.. We offer competitive cutting edge technology to craft the absolute highest quality of wines. We also offer a selection of bulk wine with rich varietal character all sourced from Premium Washington vineyards.

Vintage Variety Lot# Gallons Price

(509) 932-2424

Jones of Washington Winery

Quincy WA

Victor Palencia
Head Winemaker

Jones family estate wines flagship the unique farmlands from the distinguished Walhuke Slope and Ancient Lake AVA’s. These estate wines I craft with the same common interest I share with the Jones family..” Love and Respect for the land” try some today…

Dos Maestros

Teaching is a circle, as is wine. 

Victor was a student in Brett’s class at Prosser High back in 2002, where they built a rapport and a friendship that has endured to this day. Now, Victor has returned the favor, teaching Brett the beauty and complexity of winemaking, as the wine itself teaches both of them humility, gratitude, and respect for the land.

Dos Maestros is a celebration of these lessons. Open a bottle among friends and celebrate the teachers in all of our lives.


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